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Writer's Block: Take Two

I'd be more than happy to be reincarnated as an illusionist......XD.....heheheheh

Writer's Block: Roamin'

If you were going on a week-long vacation to a tropical paradise and could only take five items, what would you bring?

Cellphone, laptop, wallet (with money of course), underwear (very important!), bag (for souvenirs)

Plans for Doujinshi

I'm soooooo tierd of Yaoi doujinshi......no offense, but they kinda stink somehow in some way for me.....So, I was wondering that maybe I should make a het-doujin....after all, there are only a few 189669 doujinshis that I've browsed.....well, to be more specific....THERE ARE ACTUALLY NONE!....So I was kind of thinking that....why not be the first to make one.....After all, I'm a big fan.....and I mean BIG-FAN!

Author’s Note: Hi guys!!!! So obviously this is my first time writing a story for KHR. I really-really-really hope you guys would love it……I’ve said that there would be a lot of love-triangles in this story in the summary right? Yes – I’m serious that there will really be a lot! I just love it when guys fight over the cute and forever adorable Chrome-chan! But I also said that these are TYL Characters……….because I need Chrome to be a woman in this story……

Again, please try to enjoy and don’t forget to review-review-review…….

Monday: Frustration Foundation

 At long last, Millefiore has finally been defeated. Everything was finally at peace and harmony again.

 However; it’s Vongola! There are still some hectic problems and missions.

 As Vongola’s female mist guardian, it’s a very frustrating job keeping everything hidden and organized.

 Anyways, getting back to reality; Ever since Mafia became Millefiore-free, I’ve become a very-very-very busy woman these days.

 Byakuran sure left a lot of dirty work to clean up!

Orders were given from the boss to brainwash every citizen who had witnessed the battle between Vongola and Millefiore. I’m telling you, it’s not an easy job. It took almost a month to brainwash those witnesses. After that mission, boss gave me a break by offering a two-week vacation in Mafia Island. It was very relaxing.

 However; after that vacation, I had a packed schedule upon my return in Italy. Boss unexpectedly signed me up as an officer of Hibari-sempai’s group called “Foundation”, as the third-commanding-officer next to Kusakabe-san. Every Monday to Thursday, I need to work for and be with Hibari-sempai………and yes, I was ought to sleep there for the night.

 In return for accepting this permanent assignment, boss hired thousands of workers to renovate Kokuyo Land and build a large new luxurious mansion. Sooner, when the reconstruction was finished, the name “Kokuyo Land” turned into “Kokuyo Mansion”.

 Mukuro-sama was very pleased by the boss’ thank-you gift, that soon both had signed a peace treaty. Yet Mukuro-sama still doesn’t want to be a part of the Vongola nor the Mafia Organization.

 “Just because I’m already in friendly manners with you doesn’t mean I now have to follow your orders. All of those are Chrome’s job.” Mukuro-sama told boss.

 Oh well, there’s nothing I could do about that. And besides, that was nearly two months ago.

 I need to dress up for work before I get late; it’s my second week to work for the Foundation. Hibari-sempai hates late people.

 “So, why does he want you to wear that kimono again?” M.M asked, being curious and annoyed of what I look.

 “Because everything in his house and his office are in Japanese form.” I replied.

 “Hmpf! You know you look stupid in that trash right?”

 Of course I know! Hibari-sempai was the one who bought this dress. And besides, this is the first time I’m asked to wear an almost-loose red kimono for a guy.

 Wait a minute, now I remember. Bianchi and Haru-chan once told me that Hibari-sempai is secretly in love with me. Is this why he wanted me to wear a loose kimono to………………………well, let’s just hope that that certain collaboration won’t happen.

 God, please don’t let it happen!!!!! I may be 23 years old but I’m still not ready for that kind of thing yet!!!!

 “Should I tell Mukuro-sama that he’s forcing you to wear that rug?” M.M. suggested.

 “I’m not being forced to do it; I’m just following his orders.”

 Although, M.M.’s suggestion was a good idea. But, I was signed up for the Foundation to ensure that there won’t be any conflict between Kokuyo and the Foundation. The boss trusted me on this.

 “I wonder how much does that kimono costs? It looks so fancy.” M.M. wondered.

 She called this a rug and a trash earlier and now she’s actually telling me it’s fancy-looking. I don’t get her.

 I just sighed and let it all flow away “Well, I’m off. Take care of Mukuro-sama.” I reminded.

 “You don’t need to tell me!” M.M answered back before I have left the room.

 I took a car ride to Hibari-sempai’s shrine with the kimono on. It was disturbing and uncomfortable pulling the kimono up in my shoulders every time that I didn’t even noticed that the driver was already looking at me.

 Upon reaching Foundation’s headquarters, Kusakabe-san was the first one who welcomed me while he was watering all of the bonsai.

 “Good morning Chrome-san!” Kusakabe-san greeted.

 “Good morning to you too!” I greeted back and headed straight to the sliding kami door.

 Much to my surprise, Hibari-sempai looks like he had just woke up, with that fresh and delicious scent of scrambled eggs and bacon.

 Bacon – he really loves meat, doesn’t he?

 “You’re too early, as usual.” Hibari-sempai began.

 “So I see, you’re still having breakfast.” I replied as I entered and closed the door.

 “Well since you’re here, go to the kitchen and fetch me a nice cold coconut juice.” Hibari-sempai ordered.

 After fetching him his favorite drink, he then ordered me again to clean up his mess and wash the dishes while he goes out for a stroll in his garden. Seriously, I feel like a maid in this kimono. And trust me, it’s not an easy job washing the dishes with a loose red kimono.

 (Teenage girls who are hot and cute of this generation!!!! – don’t try this at home or at school or anywhere else!!!!!!)

 After washing the dishes, Hibari-sempai had finished strolling as well and told me to sit beside him….as always. As I sat where he wanted me to sit, he then handed me his laptop and said “Start, read all my e-mails.”

 How demanding!!!

 Upon opening Hibari-sempai’s inbox, a large window popped out of the screen that says;

 “YOU HAVE 18, 960 E-MAILS!!!!!”

 Then colorful fireworks flashed out the screen.

 I don’t know if I should be angry because I need to read all these 18, 960 e-mails, or I should just be adored by the fireworks???


Oh yes, I’ve almost forgotten to tell you guys that Hibari-sempai is too lazy to read all of his e-mails, letters, and postcards. So if you’re thinking on sending Hibari-sempai a “Happy Birthday” – greeting every May 5, beat it cause he won’t read it!!!!!

 Anyways, most of the e-mails I read were from Gokudera-sempai, Dino-sempai, and the Intelligence Bureau. My eyes are barely tired of reading and my hands are exhausted of typing and replying back to these messages. I’m really frustrated.

 Suddenly, something in me made me look to Hibari-sempai. As I took a peek at him, I saw him staring at me deeply with those silver eyes of his. I’ve almost forgotten that I’m wearing a red loose kimono that I didn’t notice that it was already slipping down quickly. I then pulled them up again and blush a little.

 Seriously, I don’t think Hibari-sempai’s a pervert. But after this situation, I’m starting to think of the opposite.

 Lal Mirch and Bianchi once told me that when I knew a guy is trying to pervert me, I should slap him or rather hit him with something really-really hard!

 (Author: I guess you readers can imagine that kind of humiliation to Hibari, right?)

 Yet, Kyoko-chan and I-pin-chan advised me that it is always polite to ask first before doing anything.

 At this point of view, I have three options:

 OPTION 1: Hit Hibari-sempai with his laptop. At that way, there won’t be any perverting and reading of these e-mails anymore.

 OPTION 2: Ask him if he really is perverting me. That’s polite, but I don’t think it would work.

 OPTION 3: Shut up and continue working, at least which M.M always says.

 As Chrome Dokuro, everyone knows that I would always pick the feminine choice, which would be Option 3.

 I’ve just kept myself calm and quiet while doing all the work until my cheeks turned to red.

 Three hours later, I only got 596 e-mails to read. However, I read this certain e-mail and I don’t know how I should reply to this.

 “Hibari-sempai” I asked “I have this e-mail from the Mafia Gun Factory and is asking a deadline of their next shipping. What should I tell them?”

 Hibari-sempai paused for awhile as he kept starring at me. Then he answered, off topic “That Kimono you’re wearing…..it looks ridiculous on you.”

 He finally noticed!!!!!

 “Red isn’t really a good type for your pearly skin” he continued “and the kimono’s too loose that I could almost see your under-shirts.”

 That’s true

 I can’t answer a word after that, I’ve just continued to blush with my head down, showing that shy Dokuro that everyone knows.

 “You know, that kimono was the smallest size that I could ever find in the boutique yesterday.” Hibari-sempai added.

 “Oh…..so…….what do you suppose we should do then?” I asked.

 Hibari-sempai paused for awhile as he thought of it. Then unexpectedly, Hibird popped out of nowhere as he sat at Hibari-sempai’s head like he usually does.

 Then Hibari-sempai broke into silence and said “Go to the kitchen and make me some Salisbury steak, I’m hungry.”

 He answered me again, off the topic.

 “But……I still have 596 e-mails to read, and I still don’t know how I should reply to this e-mail about the shipping.”

 “Shipping is not in my priority; forward that stupid message to the squid-head Vongola.” Hibari-sempai said as he flipped his hand back and fort.

 Suddenly, Kusakabe-san opened the sliding door. He greeted with a smile “Good morning Kyo-san! Chrome-san! The letters have arrived.”

 What letter?

 “How many are they?” Hibari-sempai questioned.

 “There are about…….2, 796 letters.” Kusakabe-san replied.

 “I see, bring them all in.” Hibari-sempai ordered as Kusakabe-san brought in two large boxes full of business letters.

 “Chrome, hurry up and make me some Salisbury steak. Can’t you see that you still have 596 e-mails and 2, 796 letters to read.” Hibari-sempai said.

 It was not I my aura to get angry or be mad at something or someone. So without a choice, I did what Hibari-sempai ordered me to do.


 I knew I should’ve just hit Hibari-sempai with his laptop!